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What Customers Say
 I would recommend the LASTEC products to anyone to use on their golf course!  

Andrew Johnson
Rich River Golf Club
Moama NSW, Australia


Pull Behind Mowers

  721XR - 132" Cut
  Mow with one of the most impressive mowing decks in the world. Budget-minded customers who own a tractor can pay a fraction compared to self-contained options.The 721XR is the original Articulator and the standard by which all other mowers are gauged.
  621ER - 126" Cut
  The Articulator 621ER deck tackles the rough with three 42-inch decks, cutting a total of 126 inches. The hydraulic lift raises the two outside decks easily so it will go anywhere your tractor can take it. The 621ER delivers where ground-hugging cut quality is important, but perhaps not as extreme as those requiring the 21" decks of the 721XR.
  100ER - 100" Cut
  The Lastec 100ER delivers a 100" wide cut with the accuracy of five 21" push mowers. This versatile model mounts to a variety of tractors and delivers an accurate cut. While this deck is big on mowing, it also folds to 78" to get through gates and fences as well as on and off trailers. Plus, a 3-point hitch allows the 100ER to be raised off the ground. No job is too big for the Articulator...see the results for yourself! Call for a demo today!
  521XR - 94" Cut
  The Articulator 521XR delivers the unmatched quality of a push mower and the productivity of a wide-area mower. Five independent 21-inch decks hug the curvature of the terrain and produce an impeccable result. The Articulator 521XR will improve your productivity with its 94-inch cut.