BulletinEffective DateDescriptionBulletin Type
Details SB-04141/11/2016105263, Commercial Mower Fuel Update KitService Bulletin
Details IS-04151/11/2016105263, Commercial Mower Fuel Update KitInstruction Sheet
Details test1/11/2016testInstruction Sheet
Details Creed_Lis1/11/2016Test 
Details PB-038810/7/2014075976/076579, 1-12 Threaded Spindle KitProduct Bulletin
Details IS-038710/7/2014075976/076579, 1-12 Threaded Spindle KitInstruction Sheet
Details IS-03649/12/2013072748/072749, Idler Weldment Update KitInstruction Sheet
Details IS-03659/12/2013072752, Air Cleaner Cap Update KitInstruction Sheet
Details PB-03608/20/2013072671/072674 Tire AssembliesProduct Bulletin
Details PB-03588/6/2013072714-072720, Spindle Update KitsProduct Bulletin
Details IS-03598/6/2013072714-072720, Spindle Update KitsInstruction Sheet
Details PB-03568/6/2013072709/072710/072711/072811, Belt Keeper Update KiProduct Bulletin
Details IS-03578/6/2013072709/072710/072711/072811, Belt Keeper Update KiInstruction Sheet
Details PB-03547/26/2013072691, Warner Clutch Retrofit KitProduct Bulletin
Details IS-03557/26/2013072691, Warner Clutch Retrofit KitInstruction Sheet
Details PB-03536/26/2013067776, Nylon Strap HangerProduct Bulletin
Details PB-03526/20/2013Engine Oil DipsticksProduct Bulletin
Details PB-03506/13/2013072659, Alternator Wire Bracket Update KitProduct Bulletin
Details IS-03516/13/2013072659, Alternator Wire Bracket Update KitInstruction Sheet
Details PB-03472/21/20132013 UpdatesProduct Bulletin
Details IS-03492/21/2013072604/072614, 3682/3696 Radiator Update KitInstruction Sheet
Details PB-03462/12/2013New Low Pressure Hose Assemblies and FittingsProduct Bulletin
Details SB-03451/28/2013072512, 9” Mule Drive Service KitService Bulletin
Details IS-03441/28/2013072512, 9” Mule Drive Service KitInstruction Sheet
Details SB-034312/3/2012072500, 1 ¾” Blade Bolt Service KitService Bulletin
Details IS-034212/3/2012072500, 1 ¾” Blade Bolt Service KitInstruction Sheet
Details PB-034111/9/2012Spindle AssembliesProduct Bulletin
Details IS-034011/2/2012067778, 5” OD Flat Idler Update KitInstruction Sheet
Details PB-033810/19/2012067954, ZT Bearing Extension Plate Update KitProduct Bulletin
Details IS-033910/19/2012067954, ZT Bearing Extension Plate Update KitInstruction Sheet
Details IS-03319/27/2012067942, 100EFKC CE Hardware KitInstruction Sheet
Details PB-03358/29/2012067135/067138, Anti-Scalp Roller AssemblyProduct Bulletin
Details IS-03348/22/2012067972, 100EFKC Mounting Bracket Update KitInstruction Sheet
Details SB-03326/28/2012067947, 4520 Frame Update Service KitService Bulletin
Details IS-03336/28/2012067947, 4520 Frame Update Service KitInstruction Sheet
Details IS-03305/17/2012067399, Push Arm Hardware KitInstruction Sheet
Details SB-03293/13/2012Electrical IssueService Bulletin
Details PB-03282/21/2012040395/047880 Diesel Hydro Drive Idler Assembly Up Product Bulletin
Details SB-032611/22/2011067373, Battery Box Lid Update KitService Bulletin
Details IS-032711/22/2011067373, Battery Box Lid Update KitInstruction Sheet
Details IS-032210/20/2011067353, 4520 Lift Assist Update KitInstruction Sheet
Details SB-032410/12/2011067357, Weight Update Service KitService Bulletin
Details IS-032510/12/2011067357, Weight Update Service KitInstruction Sheet
Details IS-032310/6/2011067336/067337, Chain Assembly Update KitInstruction Sheet
Details IS-03209/13/2011067312, Hydraulic Locking Valve Service KitInstruction Sheet
Details PB-03154/27/2011064601, Air Suspension Seat KitProduct Bulletin
Details IS-03144/27/2011064601, Air Suspension Seat KitInstruction Sheet
Details PB-02974/21/2011064233, 100EZT Valve Assembly Service KitProduct Bulletin
Details IS-02984/21/2011064233, 100EZT Valve Assembly Service KitInstruction Sheet
Details PB-03134/12/2011064649, 24” x 13-12 GoodYear Softrac II TireProduct Bulletin
Details PB-02894/4/2011064605, 100” Roller Assembly KitProduct Bulletin
Details IS-02914/4/2011064605, 100” Roller Assembly KitInstruction Sheet
Details PB-02992/11/2011CE Hardware KitsProduct Bulletin
Details IS-03002/11/2011064507, 100EF CE Hardware KitInstruction Sheet
Details IS-03012/11/2011064508, 721XR CE Hardware KitInstruction Sheet
Details IS-03022/11/2011064509, 325EF CE Hardware KitInstruction Sheet
Details IS-03032/11/2011064517, 3682 CE Hardware KitInstruction Sheet
Details IS-03042/11/2011064518, 3696 CE Hardware KitInstruction Sheet
Details IS-03052/11/2011064519, 964-D CE Hardware KitInstruction Sheet
Details IS-03062/11/2011064520, 621ER/EF CE Hardware KitInstruction Sheet
Details IS-03072/11/2011064521, 2961/73 CE Hardware KitInstruction Sheet
Details IS-03082/11/2011064522, 2261/73 CE Hardware KitInstruction Sheet
Details IS-03092/11/2011064523, 3373 CE Hardware KitInstruction Sheet
Details IS-03102/11/2011064550, 3300 CE Hardware KitInstruction Sheet
Details IS-03112/11/2011064550, 3300 CE Hardware KitInstruction Sheet
Details IS-03122/11/2011064554, 120ER CE Hardware KitInstruction Sheet
Details PB-029511/3/2010064428, Light Assembly Service KitProduct Bulletin
Details IS-029611/3/2010064428, Light Assembly Service KitInstruction Sheet
Details PB-029310/19/2010064420, D37 Radiator Bracket Service KitProduct Bulletin
Details IS-029410/19/2010064420, D37 Radiator Bracket Service KitInstruction Sheet
Details PB-02879/14/2010064378, 621ER Pivot Limit Service KitProduct Bulletin
Details IS-02889/14/2010064378, 621ER Pivot Limit Service KitInstruction Sheet
Details PB-02868/20/2010Gearbox Update KitsProduct Bulletin
Details PB-02787/19/2010063377, 61-73 AGC Roller Assembly Upgrade KitProduct Bulletin
Details IS-02777/19/2010063377, 61-73 AGC Roller Assembly Upgrade KitInstruction Sheet
Details SB-02847/16/2010064179, 3373ADC Belt Keeper Service KitService Bulletin
Details IS-02857/16/2010064179, 3373ADC Belt Keeper Service KitInstruction Sheet
Details SB-02825/27/2010064197, Service 100EZT Blade Stiffener KitService Bulletin
Details IS-02835/27/2010064197, Service 100EZT Blade Stiffener KitInstruction Sheet
Details PB-02793/18/2010063397, 3682 Exhaust Replacement Service KitProduct Bulletin
Details IS-02803/18/2010063397, 3682 Exhaust Replacement Service KitInstruction Sheet
Details IS-02752/23/2010063348, 3373ADC Roller Assembly Upgrade KitInstruction Sheet
Details PB-02762/22/2010063348, 3373ADC Roller Assembly Upgrade KitProduct Bulletin
Details PB-027412/1/2009Hydraulic Oil ChangeProduct Bulletin
Details SB-026911/1/2009062070, Wing Deck Clearance KitService Bulletin
Details IS-026811/1/2009062070, Wing Deck Clearance KitInstruction Sheet
Details PB-02739/29/2009Spindle Assembly ImprovementsProduct Bulletin
Details PB-02709/24/2009048898, Anti-Scalp Blade DiscProduct Bulletin
Details IS-02719/24/2009048898, Anti-Scalp Blade DiscInstruction Sheet
Details PB-02729/24/2009New Turf Pride Ultra BladesProduct Bulletin
Details PB-02669/11/2009063258, Pivoting Wheel Yoke Service KitProduct Bulletin
Details IS-02679/11/2009063258, Pivoting Wheel Yoke Service KitInstruction Sheet
Details PB-02649/8/2009063241, Temperature Gauge Service KitProduct Bulletin
Details IS-02659/8/2009063241, Temperature Gauge Service KitInstruction Sheet
Details PB-02618/20/2009Hydraulic Oil and Filter ChangeProduct Bulletin
Details PB-02628/19/2009Bushing/Bearing Service KitProduct Bulletin
Details IS-02638/14/2009063242, 029261 Service KitInstruction Sheet
Details SB-02597/31/2009063217, Service Seat Stop KitService Bulletin
Details IS-02607/31/2009063217, Service Seat Stop KitInstruction Sheet
Details PB-02567/30/2009063210, Throttle Cable Clamp Service KitProduct Bulletin
Details IS-02577/30/2009063210, Throttle Cable Clamp Service KitInstruction Sheet
Details PB-02587/29/2009063212, Diesel Starter Switch CapProduct Bulletin
Details PB-02547/27/2009063209, Water Shed Pulley Washer Service KitProduct Bulletin
Details IS-02557/27/2009063209, Water Shed Pulley Washer Service KitInstruction Sheet
Details SB-02526/6/2009062949, Deck Adjusting Weldment KitService Bulletin
Details IS-02536/6/2009062949, Deck Adjusting Weldment KitInstruction Sheet
Details IS-024612/19/20083273 and 3372 Clutch ReplacementInstruction Sheet
Details PB-024710/1/20083682/3696 Tire Rim ReplacementProduct Bulletin
Details IS-02458/6/20083682 Control Box RelocationInstruction Sheet
Details IS-02402/15/20083682 Hydro Update Kit 057585 InstallationInstuction Sheet
Details IS-02432/8/2008Antonio Carraro Arm Rest Kit 058197Instruction Sheet
Details PB-02421/7/2008Change in Online Manual AccessProduct Bulletin
Details IS-024111/27/200772in Deck Baffle Update KitInstruction Sheet
Details PB-02399/24/2007325EF Hydraulic DecksProduct Bulletin
Details PB-02388/27/2007Lastec Product WarrantyProduct Bulletin
Details SB-02346/20/20073682 Deck A4 Service Kit 056614Service Bulletin
Details IS-02356/20/20073682 Deck A4 Service Kit 056614 InstallationInstruction Sheet
Details SB-02336/19/200772 deck Fuel Tank - Rocker InterferenceService Bulletin
Details PB-02326/11/2007721XR PTO Shaft Part NumbersProduct Bulletin
Details IS-02295/31/2007TTR 4400 Wheel Assemblies InstructionsInstruction Sheet
Details PB-02285/31/2007TTR 4400 Wheel AssembliesProduct Bulletin
Details PB-02315/31/2007Lastec Service Telephone NumberProduct Bulletin
Details SB-02305/24/2007721XR PTO Shaft Recall -SECOND NOTICEService Bulletin
Details PB-02275/22/2007Manual Changes concerning Wheel MotorsProduct Bulletin
Details SB-02265/14/2007Wheel motor castle nutService Bulletin
Details SB-02244/13/2007721XR PTO Shaft RecallService Bulletin
Details IS-02194/2/2007621ER Middle Deck Replacement Kit 056521Instruction Sheet
Details IS-02204/2/2007621EF Middle Deck Replacement Kit 056522Instruction Sheet
Details IS-02214/2/2007621ER Right Deck Replacement Kit 056523Instruction Sheet
Details IS-02224/2/2007621EF Right Deck Replacement Kit 056524Instruction Sheet
Details PB-02234/2/2007621EF/ER Deck Replacement KitsProduct Bulletin
Details PB-02173/15/2007AGC/ADC Foot Pedal Kit 056241 AnnouncementProduct Bulletin
Details IS-02183/15/2007AGC/ADC Foot Pedal Kit 056241 Installation InstrucInstruction Sheet
Details PB-02112/1/200725in Deck Hinge Rebuild Kits 056217, 056218Product Bulletin
Details IS-02122/1/200725in Decks for Urethane Hinges Replacement Insts.Instruction Sheet
Details IS-02132/1/200725in Deck Hinge Service Kit Install InstInstruction Sheet
Details PB-02142/1/200721 in Deck Hinge Rebuild KitsProduct Bulletin
Details IS-02152/1/200721in Decks for Urethane HingesInstruction Sheet
Details IS-02162/1/200721in Deck Hinge Service Kit Installation InstructiInstruction Sheet
Details IS-02101/4/2007AGC Anti-Scalp Update Kit, 055839Instruction Sheet
Details PB-020812/18/200628 HP Engine Diagnostic Kit 055293Product Bulletin
Details IS-020712/14/200636HP Hydro Cooler Service KitInstruction Sheet
Details PB-020611/16/2006421D/3682, 425HD-MD/3696 Replacement DecksProduct Bulletin
Details PB-020611/16/2006421D/3682, 425HD-MD/3696 Replacement DecksProduct Bulletin
Details SB-020510/18/2006Commercial Mower Tire PressureService Bulletin
Details IS-020410/13/200661in Deck Rear Discharge Kit 055452Instruction Sheet
Details PB-02009/8/2006325EFJ-6 Push Arm KitProduct Bulletin
Details PB-02028/25/2006AGC Air Intake Mount ChangeProduct Bulletin
Details IS-02018/15/2006621EF.ER 3/4in Wheel Hub KitInstruction Sheet
Details PB-01998/10/20063682, 3696 Hydraulic Service PartsProduct Bulletin
Details PB-01987/20/2006Online Warranty RegistrationProduct Bulletin
Details IS-01977/19/2006Commercial Clutch Anti-Rotation ReplacementInstruction Sheet
Details IS-01957/19/2006Emergency Brake Plate ReplacementInstruction Sheet
Details IS-01967/19/20063372 Hydraulic Belt Replacement KitInstruction Sheet
Details SB-01944/27/200672in Deck, Left/Right Deck Link OrientationService Bulletin
Details SB-01854/27/20063682 Acturator Pivot Weldment ReplacementService Bulletin
Details IS-01924/18/200661 Deck Striping KitInstruction Sheet
Details IS-01894/7/200682/96 Main Drive Idler UpdateInstructionSheet
Details PB-01904/7/200682/96 Main Drive Idler Update AnnouncementProduct Information
Details IS-01914/7/20063372, 2872 Drive Pulley AlignmentInstruction Sheet
Details IS-01842/2/20063372 Wiring Harness ProtectionInstruction Sheet
Details PB-01832/2/20063372 Hydraulic KitsProduct Information
Details IS-01862/2/20063372 Control Box Wiring UpdateInstruction Sheet
Details PB-01872/2/20063372 Control Box Update AnnouncementProduct Bulletin
Details SB-01882/2/200672 Deck Spindle Bolt ReplacementService Bulletin
Details IS-01801/10/20062861 Wiring Harness Diode AssemblyInstruction Sheet
Details IS-01811/10/20063696H-M Fuel Tank ReplacementInstruction Sheet
Details PB-01821/10/20063696H-M Fuel Tank UpdateProduct Bulletin
Details IS-017910/7/2005721XR Hydraulic Cylinder Anchor Kit InstallationInstruction Sheet
Details IS-01789/30/20053372 Roller Assembly Upgrade Kit InstructionsInstruction Sheet
Details PB-01759/27/20053682, 3696 Mulching Plate AnnouncementProduct Bulletin
Details IS-01769/27/20053682, 3696 Mulching Plate InstructionsInstruction Sheet
Details IS-01779/27/2005621ER/EF Deck Idler KitInstruction Sheet
Details SB-01735/10/20053372 Alternator WiringService Bulletin
Details PB-01745/10/2005Diesel Exhaust WarningProduct
Details PB-01695/6/2005Warranty Registration CardsProduct
Details PB-01685/6/2005Lastec WarrantyProduct
Details PB-01705/6/2005Distributor Booking Program 2004/2005Product
Details PB-01715/6/2005Lastec Product WarrantyProduct
Details IS-01725/6/20052861, 2961, 2552 Seat CableInstruction Sheet
Details IS-01664/19/20053682/3696/325/04WAM Extended 9in Wheel YokesInstruction Sheet
Details IS-01674/19/2005K180 Superior Gearbox Conversion KitInstruction Sheet
Details IS-01653/8/20053372 Hydraulic Tank ExchangeInstruction Sheet
Details SB-016412/3/2004Equipment CleaningService Bulletin
Details SB-016312/3/2004721XR Quad Pulley OrientationService Bulletin
Details SB-014910/15/2004A150 Wheel Lug Nut TorqueService Bulletin
Details IS-016010/14/2004721 Gearbox Kit 043241InstallationInstruction Sheet
Details SB-016110/14/2004721 Gearbox Kit 043241AnnouncementService Bulletin
Details SB-016210/14/2004721 Grass Chute Fender WashersService Bulletin
Details IS-01599/30/20043682, 3696 Clutch ReplacementInstruction Sheet
Details SB-01559/22/2004721/521XR Deck Bolt Kit 048207 AnnouncementService Bulletin
Details SB-01569/22/2004721-521XR Ball Swivel Bolts AnnouncementService Bulletin
Details IS-01579/22/2004721-521XR Ball Swivel Bolts InstallationInstruction Sheet
Details IS-01549/22/2004721/521XR Deck Bolt Kit 048207 InstallationInstruction Sheet
Details IS-01487/19/2004621ER/EF Idler Changes Instruction Sheet
Details IS-01467/19/20043682/3696 Clutch AssyInstruction Sheet
Details PB-01437/19/20043696 Shipping Changes (UK Only)Product
Details PB-01447/19/20043696 Chain Guide Kit, 047622Product
Details SB-01477/19/2004621ER/EF Idler UpdatesService
Details SB-01507/19/20043696, 3682 Radiator Bracket Clearance Service
Details SB-01537/19/20042861, 2961 Hydraulic Tank ReplacementService
Details IS-01527/19/20043682, 3696 Kubota Engine Shroud Kit InstructionsInstruction Sheet
Details PB-01517/19/20043682, 3696 Kubota Engine Shroud Kit Product
Details IS-014011/10/2003421D, 3682, 3696 Radiator Support InstalInstruction Sheet
Details IS-014211/10/2003425D, 425HD/MD Radiator Support InstallInstruction Sheet
Details PB-014111/4/2003425D, 425HD/MD Radiator SupportProduct
Details SB-01279/18/2003621EF/ER Gearbox Pulley ChangeService Bulletin
Details SB-01388/11/20033682 Belt Life ExtensionService
Details SB-01398/11/20033696 Belt Life ExtensionService
Details PB-01357/14/2003421D, 3682, 3696 Radiator SupportProduct
Details PB-01377/14/2003425EFDW Motor Tensioner Stud WeldmentProduct
Details SB-01367/14/20033696/3682 Superior Gearbox ExchangeService
Details IS-01294/16/2003425D Gearbox Drive Update Kit InstallationInstruction Sheet
Details IS-01294/16/2003425D Gearbox Drive Update Kit InstallationInstruction Sheet
Details PB-01321/14/2003721 KITS AVAILABLEProduct
Details PB-013312/17/2002P608 to 043367 Pulley changeProduct
Details PB-013412/17/2002325EF Gearbox Mounting PlatesProduct
Details PB-013110/28/2002325EF Superior Gearbox and Mount KitsProduct
Details IS-013010/23/2002325EF Curtis-to-Superior Gearbox and MouInstruction Sheet
Details IS-01289/18/2002621ER/EF Gearbox Pulley Replacement KitInstruction Sheet
Details PB-01269/1/2002325EF Push Arm Bolt UpgradeProduct
Details PB-01258/21/20023682/3696 Oil Cooler FittingsProduct
Details PB-01247/19/2002Neapco Parts AvailabilityProduct
Details PB-01237/2/20023682/3696H/M Seat ReplacementProduct
Details IS-01226/24/20023682/3696H/M Seat ReplacementInstruction Sheet
Details IS-01136/4/2002Brush Kit InstallationInstruction Sheet
Details PB-01206/4/2002721XR Pull Bar AnnouncementProduct
Details PB-01216/4/2002421D/3682 Transport LockProduct
Details IS-01186/3/2002325EFD Curtis-to-Superior KitInstruction Sheet
Details PB-01196/1/2002325EFD Push Arm Weldment KitProduct
Details PB-01175/28/2002325EFD Curtis-to-Superior changeProduct
Details PB-01095/22/2002325EFD Lift Arm LimiterProduct
Details IS-01155/15/2002621ER/EF Belt Keeper Kit InstructionsInstruction Sheet
Details SB-01165/15/2002621EF/ER Belt Keeper AnnouncementService
Details PB-01145/8/20023682/3696 Fan Drive KitProduct Bulletin
Details PB-01145/8/20023682/3696 Fan Drive KitProduct Bulletin
Details SB-01074/8/2002425EFDW Exchange ProgramService
Details SB-01123/25/20023696H/M Wiring Harness ConnectionService
Details IS-01113/13/20023682 Fan Drive KitInstruction Sheet
Details PB-01103/11/2002621ER Wheel KitProduct
Details PB-01083/8/2002721XR Gearbox Casting KitProduct
Details IS-01062/27/2002Curtis/Superior Gearbox ExchangeInstruction Sheet
Details PB-01041/2/2002Rocker Arm Pin ChangeProduct
Details PB-010112/21/2001Blade Spindle ReplacementProduct
Details PB-010012/17/2001Pull Bar Assembly UpgradeProduct
Details PB-009912/14/2001PTO Bell HousingProduct
Details PB-009812/11/2001Lift Arm StopsProduct
Details PB-009612/10/2001421D Hinge Kit AnnouncementProduct
Details PB-009712/10/2001421D Seat Pan Stop Kit AnnouncementProduct
Details PB-010312/10/2001Pivot Hinge KitProduct
Details IS-009512/7/2001621ER Chain Tensioning WeldmentsInstruction Sheet
Details PB-010212/4/2001Deck Pivot Pin and PlatesProduct
Details IS-009411/30/2001Hinge Support for 621ERInstruction Sheet
Details PB-010511/28/2001Bushing ReplacementProduct
Details IS-009311/12/2001Seat Latch for 421DInstruction Sheet
Details IS-009211/12/2001Hinge support for the 421DInstruction Sheet
Details IS-009211/12/2001Hinge support for the 421DInstruction Sheet
Details IS-008811/8/2001425EFDW Deck Spring and Washer Kit 028966Instruction Sheet
Details IS-008911/8/2001325EF Deck Spring and Washer Kit 028971Instruction Sheet
Details PB-009011/6/20014 In OD PulleyProduct
Details SB-008710/29/2001Tension Spring ReplacementService
Details PB-008510/23/2001Deck Hinge Pin Kit (kit #028496 and 028949)Product
Details SB-008410/23/2001Serial Number Plate ReplacementService
Details IS-008610/23/2001029843 Bushing InstallationInstruction Sheet
Details SB-008310/3/2001Lift Arm Stop Bolt AdjustmentService
Details IS-00829/10/2001Locking TabInstruction Sheet
Details IS-00818/22/2001721XR Gearbox Vent ReplacementInstruction Sheet
Details IS-00808/8/2001EFDW Gussets PlatesInstruction Sheet
Details IS-00797/30/2001EF Series Gearbox MountInstruction Sheet
Details IS-00787/25/2001Cable fixInstruction Sheet
Details IS-00765/21/2001421D Wiring Harness w/RelaysInstruction Sheet
Details PB-00775/21/2001Bondioli Grease Fittings for PTO Cross BearingsProduct
Details PB-00755/16/2001425D and 425HD/MD Deck CablesProduct
Details SB-00745/11/2001Front Axle WeldsService
Details IS-00725/4/20011 1/4 H Split Tapered Bushing 521/721Instruction Sheet
Details IS-00735/4/20011 3/8 -H Split Tapered Bushing 425/325ERInstruction Sheet
Details IS-00714/30/2001Radiator Support BracketInstruction Sheet
Details PB-00704/28/2001T156 and T160 with setscrewsProduct
Details PB-00694/24/2001Defective Hydraulic HoseProduct
Details IS-00654/24/2001Parking Brake KitInstruction Sheet
Details PB-00674/10/2001Chain ReplacementProduct
Details PB-00684/10/2001421D pulley adjustment for height change.Product
Details IS-00663/21/2001Stripping KitInstruction Sheet
Details PB-00643/12/2001New deck pivot bolt with ZerkProduct
Details IS-00632/22/2001Hose SpringInstruction Sheet
Details PB-00612/5/2001New Cables for the 425D/HD unitsProduct
Details PB-00622/5/2001P109 ImprovementProduct
Details PB-00602/2/2001Steel Bushing Change Product
Details IS-00591/29/2001Rocker Pivot PlatesInstruction Sheet
Details PB-00561/26/2001Seat Color Change 421/425 unitsProduct
Details PB-00581/19/2001Steel Bushing change on Deere UnitsProduct
Details PB-00571/18/2001E Series Deck Pivots with Set ScrewsProduct
Details PB-00551/15/2001P763 PTO Shaft Breakdown and ComponentsProduct
Details IS-00541/12/2001Clutch; Gearbox Pulley; belts for ZTR UnitsInstruction Sheet
Details IS-00531/8/2001425HD-MD ConversionInstruction Sheet
Details PB-005212/5/2000Gearbox Guard shortenedProduct
Details PB-005112/4/2000Wheel and Tire SeparationProduct
Details PB-005011/8/2000Actuator bolt and nut change (421D)Product
Details IS-004811/6/2000Hydro Pump Adjustment (425HD/MD-421D)Instruction Sheet
Details IS-004911/6/2000New Idler change (425HD/MD-421D)Instruction Sheet
Details IS-004710/17/2000Hydro Tank Change (421D)Instruction Sheet
Details IS-004510/11/2000Gussets and Deck Stiffener (425EFDW)Instruction Sheet
Details IS-004610/11/2000Deck Stiffener (325EFD)Instruction Sheet
Details IS-004410/3/2000Enginaire Air filter Housing ChangeInstruction Sheet
Details PB-00439/14/2000Rebuilt Kubota EnginesProduct
Details IS-00429/6/2000421D Hood LatchInstruction Sheet
Details PB-00418/23/2000721XR Gearbox bulletinProduct
Details IS-00408/18/2000425HD-421D Retro Kit-Idler- BX-35 belt etc.Instruction Sheet
Details IS-00398/14/2000Rear Wheel DeckLiftInstruction Sheet
Details IS-00377/18/2000425HD Deck Leveling ProcedureInstruction Sheet
Details IS-00387/18/2000425HD-421D Hydro Pump AdjustmentInstruction Sheet
Details IS-00367/17/2000Gearbox Retrofit KitInstruction Sheet
Details PB-00356/29/2000Blade WashersProduct
Details PB-00346/16/2000PTO Bolt Replacement for PinProduct
Details PB-00336/12/2000425EFDW Deck ShimProduct
Details SB-00326/9/2000Deck Lift LinkService
Details PB-00316/6/2000A150 and P295 ChangeProduct
Details PB-00305/25/2000721XR Slide Bar for XR6 and XR7 deckProduct
Details IS-00295/24/2000425HD step changeInstruction Sheet
Details PB-00285/16/2000Enginaire air filter changeProduct
Details PB-00275/15/2000P225 PTO ShaftProduct
Details PB-00265/11/2000325EFR-H Hydraulic MotorProduct
Details SB-00255/4/2000325EFJ and 325EFJ-5 belt replacementService
Details SB-00245/3/2000Cable retaining strapService
Details SB-00214/18/2000621ER orifice changeService
Details SB-00224/18/2000425HD air filled tiresService
Details SB-00234/18/2000LasTec deck pivot pinsService
Details PB-00203/17/2000P300 Gearbox parts revisionProduct
Details SB-001512/15/1999425D Hose RoutingService
Details SB-001310/15/1999721X Pivot Slide BarService
Details SB-00149/17/1999721XR Cylinder InformationService
Details SB-00179/17/1999All Models warranty Parts Needed BackService
Details SB-00126/22/1999425D Gearbox Belt TensionService
Details SB-00106/9/1999621ER Retro-Fit KitService
Details SB-00116/9/1999All Models Warranty Registration CardService
Details SB-00166/4/1999All Models(except 621ER) Nylon Blade WasherService
Details SB-00095/19/1999425D Hydraulic Hose BracketService
Details SB-00065/11/1999425D Hydraulic OilService
Details SB-00075/11/1999325EFJ Mounting 325EFJ To 422DService
Details SB-00085/11/1999425D Hydraulic Oil Follow-UpService
Details SB-00054/13/1999721X Anti-Scalp KitService
Details SB-00024/12/1999425D Deck LevelingService
Details SB-00034/12/1999425D Hydro Pump AdjustmentService
Details SB-00044/12/1999425D Hydro Pump Adjustment Follow-UpService
Details SB-00013/16/1999All Models Pneumatic vs Urethane Filled TiresService
Details TB-0018 Retrofit for 425HD- Deck liftTechnical
Details   Warranty Claim FormService
Details   Warranty Registration FormService