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Articulating Mowers

What Customers Say
 I would recommend the LASTEC products to anyone to use on their golf course!  

Andrew Johnson
Rich River Golf Club
Moama NSW, Australia

Why Lastec?

While it's nice to be able to brag about having revolutionized wide area rotary mowers, those bragging rights don't mean a thing to anyone looking to purchase a mower today. The reason to buy a Lastec mower isn't that they were the first to build them. The reason to buy a Lastec mower is that they are the best. Why? Simple. Patents prevent the other manufacturers from copying our design.


Lastec Articulators all use patented belt drives to power their decks. These drives are incredibly efficient, easy to maintain, and capable of powering the decks at a fraction of the cost of other drive systems. If you pull off the covers of a Lastec deck, you see time proven, efficient, simple, and easily serviced belt drives. What you don't see is a series of hoses, valves, inefficient hydraulic motors, pumps, fittings, oil coolers, and oil reservoirs that are used by some of our competitors. You also don't find multiple gearboxes, U-joints, and drive shafts that are used by others. A few competitors even have tried generators, regulators, wires, batteries, motors, and electronics to drive decks. No drive system is as simple, cost effective to maintain, or as efficient as the belt drives found on every Articulator.


Lastec's patented belt drive system is used in every rotary deck in the entire line of Articulators. Lastec makes decks to replace the fixed pans found on most major manufacturer's out-front drive units. They also offer Articulating decks up to 96" wide utilizing four 25" rotary decks powered by up to 36 HP Kubota engines in their line of turf zero turn radius rotary mowers. The commercial line offers lightweight, nimble drive units with cutting widths from 52" to 86".

Articulator's aren't built to handle every cutting application. They are designed to handle the toughest. Since many cutting needs aren't demanding enough to need an Articulator, the Articulator isn't the only rotary mower owned by most of our customers.just their best.