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 I would recommend the LASTEC products to anyone to use on their golf course!  

Andrew Johnson
Rich River Golf Club
Moama NSW, Australia


Zero-Turn Mowers

  4520 - 45 HP Kubota 120" Cut

At ten feet wide, Lastec's model 4520 Articulator offers more mowing capacity than any other zero turn mower while delivering the cutting accuracy of a 25" (635 mm) push mower.

  100 Series - 100" Cut
  The new 100" ZTR Articulator is the latest innovation from Lastec offering mowing precision and productivity. This mower cuts 100" of grass with the accuracy of a 21" push mower.
  3696 - 36 HP Kubota 96" Cut
  The Lastec model 3696 Articulator combines the accuracy of a push mower with the productivity of a wide area mower, replacing both with one mower thats even better. The 3696 cuts more grass than the competition. At 8 miles per hour, the 3696 cuts 5.8 acres per hour There is no hydraulic system to maintain, which will save you time and money.
  3682 - 36 HP Kubota 82" Cut
  The Lastec model 3682 Articulator delivers the cutting performance of 4 push mowers in the convenience and productivity of an 7 foot riding mower. It is designed to achieve up to 24 degrees of motion as it follows the contour of the ground. With four articulating decks the Lastec model 3682 Articulator cuts where no other mower its size can cut.
  80 Series - 80" Cut
  Soon to be released into the market.  Please check back periodically for updates.
  73 Series - 72" Cut
  Lastec's 73" wide articulating rotary mowers offer the perfect balance between productivity and accuracy. It's a fact that small push mowers deliver the most accurate cut quality. It's also a fact that 73" decks are three to four times as productive as small push mowers. Our 73" series of mowers give you both...the accuracy of 25" push mowers AND the productivity of a 73" wide deck. You no longer have to settle for less production just to maintain the cut quality that you expect and your customers demand.
  61 Series - 61" Cut
  This 61" wide mower features three fully articulating 21" decks. The mower features a unique modular baffling system that allows the deck to be a true rear or side discharging deck that can also be set up to mulch. The rear discharge allows the mower more trimming flexibility and is far safer to operate around traffic or people..