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 I would recommend the LASTEC products to anyone to use on their golf course!  

Andrew Johnson
Rich River Golf Club
Moama NSW, Australia


About Lastec

In 1990, Lastec was founded with the purpose of providing a rotary mowing system with the productivity of a wide-area mower and the precision of a small push mower. Lastec introduced articulation in the turf industry with the Model 721 Articulator. The 3 meter (9.8 ft) wide belt driven rotary was crude by today's standards but became the first of a line of machines that has dominated high-end rotaries for over the last decade. Today, over half of the TPC golf courses and a third of the world's top 100 ranked golf courses rely on mowers built by Lastec.

Why Lastec?

The purpose of the Lastec brand is to provide the highest quality cut while maintaining a low cost of ownership. With this in mind, we developed a formula that has made Lastec mowers the most accurate, productive, and efficient mowers.

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What is High Definition Mowing?
Only two words can describe the standard of mowing Lastec has achieved: High Definition. High Definition mowing is more than just about the cut quality, it is about how the quality is achieved and maintained.

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Message from the Founder
The founder of Lastec started with a simple vision of what rotary mowers should be. Lastec continues this vision today with every new product and advancement.

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