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 I would recommend the LASTEC products to anyone to use on their golf course!  

Andrew Johnson
Rich River Golf Club
Moama NSW, Australia


What is High Definition Mowing?

Lastec was founded in 1990 with one simple goal: to offer a rotary mower that cut grass more accurately than any other mower in the world. How? By reducing the cutting width of any single deck to that of a small push mower…creating a whole new mowing standard…High Definition Mowing.

It’s Not Just Articulation. It’s How We Articulate

Lastec patented articulating decks created the industry's only HD mowing standard. While some other companies now offer high cost alternative mowers that try to copy the accuracy of the Articulator, none offer articulating decks to the professional, commercial, or homeowner markets. Only Lastec has access to patented technology that makes a rugged, accurate, and proven articulating mower available to the commercial market
Bring High Definition Mowing to Your Front Yard

Lastec allows cutting any width with the same accuracy as a small 21in (53cm) or 25in (63.5cm) push mower…from the seat of the most accurate zero turn radius mower on the planet. No scalping…No missed grass…No tree rings…No deck dipping…No stair stepping…Just perfectly groomed grass. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional wanting to offer a higher quality service to your customers or an individual that simply has the highest standard for your own lawn.
The World’s Finest Golf Courses Have Been Mowing In HD Since 1990

Lastec capitalized on the idea that you don’t need to compromise cutting accuracy for cutting width, and grew from a small company to one that is recognized in the golf industry as the benchmark of cut quality. Today, more than one in four of the world’s top PGA Courses use Articulators to cut their roughs.