About Us

What Customers Say
 I would recommend the LASTEC products to anyone to use on their golf course!  

Andrew Johnson
Rich River Golf Club
Moama NSW, Australia


Why Lastec?

Lastec mowers are designed and built with a special purpose in mind – deliver everything you need in a high-definition, articulating mower at a lower cost of ownership than is available anywhere in the industry. This formula for success is made up of several important factors that not only allow you to tackle turf confidently, but to also conquer daily operating costs and total capital outlay.

The Bottom Line

Lastec Mowers –
The most accurate,
productive, and
efficient mowers

20-40% Savings
on Total Cost of

 So, treat yourself –
Kick Some Grass!

Tackling Turf.

Superior Accuracy
  • Small 21” or 25” decks to minimize scalping or troughing
  • Articulating decks to hug the rolling terrain
Greater Productivity
  • Zero-turn maneuverability reduces backtracking, string trimming, and hand mowing.
  • Wide-area mowers – more grass cut with each pass
Unmatched Efficiency
  • Patented belt-driven decks enable high power conversion ratio from engine to blade
  • Lighter weight machines requiring less power for the same cut

Conquering Costs.

Lower Operating Costs
  • Use less fuel - Lastec mowers burn 30-50% less fuel than comparable hydraulically powered rotary mowers
  • Take Less Time - More productive mowers mean fewer man hours to cut the same grass
  • Less Maintenance - Simpler belt-driven decks are significantly easier to maintain than more complicated hydraulic driven decks
Less Capital Expenditures Over Time
  • More productive mowers => fewer operating hours per season => longer life machines.
  • Belt-driven, lighter weight machines means lower cost machines
  • Longer life plus lower unit cost means signifi cant capital savings over your planning horizon