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What Customers Say
 I would recommend the LASTEC products to anyone to use on their golf course!  

Andrew Johnson
Rich River Golf Club
Moama NSW, Australia



Mow with one of the most impressive mowing decks in the world. Imagine the perfection you will achieve with seven 21” (533.4 mm) decks. That translates to a 132” (335.28 cm) cut in one pass with the finish of seven individual precision mowers. Budgetminded customers who own a tractor can pay a fraction compared to self-contained options.

The 721XR is the original Articulator and the standard by which all other mowers are gauged.
Tractor Requirements:

Minimum 35hp PTO and 3-point hitch
(consult a Lastec dealer for a list of compatible units)

Cutting Width: 132 inches (335cm)
Cutting Area: 9.33 acres per hour
Deck Lift:

Outer decks hydraulically fold

Deck Height Range: 1" to 4 3/4" (2.5cm x 12cm)
Deck Configuration: Seven 21-inch (53cm) articulating decks
Deck Drive: Gearbox to patented belt drive system
Deck Construction: 3/16" (.48cm) steel plate with replaceable spindle housings
Deck Discharge: Rear discharge or mulch
Deck Gauge Wheels: 9 inch x 3.5 inch (23cm x 8cm) urethane-filled tires
Overall Weight: 1,250 lbs. (563kg)
Blades Options Available: 21" (53.3cm) High-Lift - Part # - P128
21" (53.3cm) Low-Lift - Part # - P246
21" (53.3cm) Mulching - Part # - P322


The Articulator 721XR is perhaps the most impressive mowing deck in the world. Imagine mowing over mounds without worry -- and doing it with a machine 11 feet wide! Chances are you already have a tractor that can power the 721XR. Transform your mowing ability and transform your course at the same time. You simply won't find a better, more productive deck on the market.
721XR MSRP - $21,500