What Customers Say
 I would recommend the LASTEC products to anyone to use on their golf course!  

Andrew Johnson
Rich River Golf Club
Moama NSW, Australia


Customer Testimonials

"In my opinion using the Lastec Articulator cutting system is the only way to cut our undulating golf course. The quality of finish is unrivalled and I believe actually improved the grass density. As we are all aware, the machine is only as good as the back up you get, and this has been excellent both technically and mechanically."

G. Woods
Bath Golf Club
"With the money we saved in equipment we were able to purchase a third LASTEC Articulator. Now we can mow all the roughs on our course twice a week and keep them consistently uniform in height. You won't find a scalped mound on our course. The Articulator just won't do it!"

Lou Tonelli
Lake Merced Golf Club
Daly City, California
"It's remarkable the cut quality we get even on our warm season grasses. It mows a lot of grass, but can't say enough about the cut quality."

Brian Stephens
Grounds Superintendent
Cimarrone Golf Club, Jacksonville, FL
"This mower handles all of our undulating areas, never scalping." Joseph M. Kaczmarek, C.G.C.S.
Golf Course Superintendent
Hyde Park Golf & Country Club
Cincinnati, Ohio
"There is no reason to buy a bigger 10 to 12 foot mower when the [The Articulator] can mow a lot more grass than anything out there. I know because I've demoed the others." Dean F. Vietti
Dykeman Park Golf Course
Logansport, Indiana
"With [The Articulator] one man can do the work of four employees in the same amount of time. Our 36" walk behind mowers take more time and scalping occurs." Mark R. McCarel
The Country Club (Medina Area, N. Ohio)
"We bought the 721X to basically eliminate the scalping we were getting on our mounds. We now use it to mow everything except the tees, greens, and fairways. The cut quality is the best on the market, and the productivity is unmatched. By the way, we follow the maintenance schedule in the manual and have yet to replace a single spindle bearing in 3 1/2 years of use." Bill Singleton Hat Creek GC Brookneal, Virginia 24528
"This is by far the highest quality rotary mower on the market. Any superintendent who doesn't call for a demonstration is selling his golf course and membership short."

Frank Zamazal
Carmel, California
"Nothing on the market can match its cut quality and productivity especially on our warm season grasses. Don't ever go out of business because I couldn't ever go back to mowing roughs the old school way."

Daron Murrell
Golf Course Superintendent
Marsh Landing Country Club
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
"The LASTEC Product was one of the three most significant purchases of my career."

Garry Smith
Bonnie Doon Golf Club
Sydney, Australia
"The LASTEC has been able to cut out many different labor intensive tasks."

Scott Brame
Crooked Stick Golf Club
Carmel, Indiana
The 721XR Articulator is a highly productive machine that also gives you the best cut quality on the market. We don't verticut our roughs. We simply lower the 721XR to 1" and basically achieve the same results. It removes all the thatch layer without disturbing the soil bed."

Steve Kuhn
Golf Course Superintendent
High Ridge Country Club
Lantana, FL
"We maintain an old Donald Ross layout which has a lot of undulations. With the new 96" 38 hp diesel and the 120" pull behind Articulators we can mow mostly all of the rough on the golf course. We were able to save a vast amount of labor which we were able to utilize on other projects and at the same time fine tune our present maintenance programs."

James Medeiros
Wannamoisett Country Club
Rumford, Rhode Island
"The cut quality and productivity is unsurpassed. Our grow-in would have been a nightmare without it. It simply goes places and mows where you can't take just any regular rough unit." Tim Spillane
Hunting Hawk Golf Club
15201 Ashland Road
Glen Allen, Virginia 23059
"I would recommend the LASTEC products to anyone to use on their golf course!"

Andrew Johnson
Rich River Golf Club
Moama NSW, Australia
"The finest, cleanest solution to semi-rough mowing."

David Hannam
Master Greenskeeper
The Royal Eastbourne Golf Course